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A simple wrapper module for using the Markdownify library in Drupal.
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What is this module?

It's a Drupal 7 module for using the Markdownify project.

What does it do?

That's a two-part question.

What does Markdownify do? It's a library for converting HTML to Markdown.

What does this module do? Um, nothing. Well that's not strictly true - it's a lightweight module which makes the Markdownify class available to your projects. It just doesn't 'do' anything in itself.

What's it for?

Well, I wrote it so I could use Markdownify as part of a module for exporting a Drupal site into Jekyll. But you could use it whenever you want to convert HTML content to Markdown, I guess.

(Incidentally the Drupal to Jekyll export module - and accompanying blog post - is on its way)

How do I install it?

In the usual way - bearing in mind it depends on the libraries module - then install the Markdownify library by clicking here, and place it in sites/all/libraries.

Lukas White

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