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#Legal Pages

Drop-in legal pages for Laravel 4.

Provides basic terms and conditions, privacy and cookies pages for your application. Simply install, configure information such as your company name, and go.


Via Composer:

"lukaswhite/legalpages" : "dev-master"

Add the service provider to app/config/app.php:


Publish the config file:

php artisan config:publish lukaswhite/legalpages


The configuration file - which, once published, you'll find in app/config/packages/lukaswhite/legalpages/config.php contains two key elements:

pages allows you to turn the various pages on / off and customise their URL / title.

info contains your company or organisation info, and gets injected into the various pages.


By default, the following URLs will become active:


You'll find the content of the pages in Markdown / RainTPL format in app/storage/legalpages/content - customise at will.


The content is currently very UK-focussed.


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