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Example files

Please feel free to download any of the examples files to get started.

Automated CIU - Waters (.raw)

An example file that was used in the original publication and can be used as training in analysis of ORIGAMIMS file format.

Download file

Manual DT-IMS - Waters (.raw)

A set of files acquired over a number of drift voltages on our ancient DT-IMS instrument

Download file

Mass spectrum - text

An example mass spectrum to get an idea of the file format.
Download file - IDP

Download file - mAb

Heatmap - text

A collection of three processed heatmaps that were presented in the original publication. These can be loaded, visualised and compared against each other in ORIGAMIANALYSE.

Download file

Other data with metadata - text

A collection of example fils that permit addition of visualisation metadata that can be useful when exporting data in an interactive format.

Download file

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