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npm install -g lhapp


Client.constructor(name, token)

Creates a client instance with name and token stored as attributes. If your company's domain name at lighthouse is i.e. foobar.lighthouseapp.com then you should pass foobar as name.


Runs callback with user object (profile of the token's owner).

Client.getUser(userId, callback)

Runs callback with user object for given userId.


Runs callback with projects list accessible by the client.

Client.getProject(projectId, callback)

Runs callback with project object for given projectId.

Client.getTickets(projectId, callback, limit=30, page=1, query='')

Runs callback with tickets list for given projectId.

Client.getTicket(projectId, ticketNumber, callback)

Runs callback with ticket object for given projectId and ticketNumber.

Client.getMilestones(projectId, callback)

Runs callback with milestones list for given projectId.

Client.getMilestone(projectId, milestoneId, callback)

Runs callback with milestone object for given projectId and milestoneId.

Client.getChangesets(projectId, callback)

Runs callback with changesets list for given projectId.


We write lhapp in coffee-script. For tests we use mocha. In order to run tests simply type in a terminal: