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Ctags-like tag generator for CoffeeScript


Latest version: 0.1.3

A simple tool for generating CoffeeScript tags (Ctags compatible).

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Showing only functions (right) or with variables included (left)

1. CoffeeTags:1:vim -
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CoffeeTags was created for use with Vim and TagBar plugin, however it accepts most common ctags arguments, therefore the following:

coffeetags -R -f TAGS

will generate standard TAGS file which later can be used with Vim (standard :tag command works as expected)


  • ruby (1.8.7, 1.9.2 or 1.9.3)

Editors supported


Just use coffeetags --help


  • get coffeetags

    gem install CoffeeTags

Vim installation

  • add TagBar config to your .vimrc

coffeetags --vim-conf >> ~/.vimrc

Sublime Text

TODO - I don't use ST myself, but PRs with HOWTO are welcomed

Config types

CoffeeTags can work in 2 modes:

  • tags only for functions (default)
  • tags for functions and objects containing them

Second mode is activated by adding --include-vars to command line arguments

CoffeeTags + TagBar + Vim

Config in vimrc

You can add the config to your .vimrc (making sure that the old one is removed) by:

coffeetags --vim-conf >> ~/.vimrc

or (for 2nd mode)

coffeetags --include-vars --vim-conf >> ~/.vimrc

Config as a filetype plugin

You can generate a special filetype plugin and tagbar will use that automatically.

This option is preferable if you want to keep your vimrc short.

coffeetags --vim-conf > ~/.vim/ftplugin/coffee/tagbar-coffee.vim
coffeetags [--include-vars] --vim-conf > ~/.vim/ftplugin/coffee/tagbar-coffee.vim

or if you're using pathogen

coffeetags [--include-vars] --vim-conf > ~/.vim/bundle/coffeetags/ftplugin/coffee/tagbar-coffee.vim
coffeetags --vim-conf > ~/.vim/bundle/coffeetags/ftplugin/coffee/tagbar-coffee.vim
  • open your coffeescript file and open TagBar.



  • squash all bugs



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