Talking to REST services made simple
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Request pack

Request pack consists of two classes which make consuming REST services really easy.

It's built for use with web runtimes such as Titanium Desktop or Google Chrome Applications.

Why not just use jQuery/Prototype/AwesomeFramework?

Because it's simple and just works. It also doesn't depend on any other library (except jsOAuth).


RequestPack consists of two classes, each using same interface, but differing in the way authentication works:

  • Request - is a wrapper around XMLHttpRequest and provides simple interface which is suitable for any sane API
  • OAuthRequest - has the same API but uses jsOAuth as the core for making requests:


Request is easy to use and provides neat abstraction from regular XMLHttpRequest stuff:

req = new Req '', { accept : 'application/json'} , {username : 'lol', password : 'wat'}

  onSuccess : (request) -> console.log(request.responseText)
  onFailure : (request) -> alert 'no bacon for you, lad'

...or in Javascript:

var req = new Req('', { accept : 'application/json'} , {username : 'lol', password : 'wat'})

req.get('/chunkybacon', {
  onSuccess : function(request) {
  onFailure : function(request) {
    alert( 'no bacon for you, lad');

See Campfire class in examples directory for more details.


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