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import os
import json
import requests
def api_get_request(url):
# In this exercise, you want to call the API to get a list of the
# top artists in Spain. The grader will supply the URL as an argument to
# the function; you do not need to construct the address or call this
# function in your grader submission.
# Once you've done this, return the name of the number 1 top artist in
# Spain.
body = requests.get(url)
response = json.loads(body.text)
top = response['topartists']['artist'][0]['name']
return top
if __name__ == '__main__':
api_key = os.environ["LASTFM_API_KEY"]
url_to_get = f"{api_key}&format=json"
top = api_get_request(url_to_get)