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Launch4j Maven Plugin

Originally hosted at

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Please check this document for more detailed info on how to use the plugin. Please also check Launch4j's Configuration file page.

NOTE: Since version 2.0.x this plugin requires to be used with Maven 3.6.x at least.

Version Notes

Version notes 2.1.1 - 2021-05-04

  • creates parent folder if outfile was configured, see #141

Version notes 2.1.0 - 2021-05-04

  • upgrades Maven API to version 3.8.1 (it should be compatible with Maven 3.6.x), see #132, #133, #134, #135, #136

Version notes 2.0.1 - 2021-03-21

  • fixes problem with NPE, see #128

Version notes 2.0.0 - 2021-03-17


  • uses Launch4j version 3.14 (which requires Java 8), see #126
  • switches to Java 8 as minimal supported version

Version notes 1.7.25

  • creates parent directories of an obj file, see #99

Version notes 1.7.24

  • adds a threadSafe flag to the Mojo to properly mark that the plugin is thread safe, see #72

Version notes 1.7.23

  • adds a parallelExecution flag that will allow to run only one instance of the plugin in the given time, see #72

Version notes 1.7.22

  • upgrades to Launch4j version 3.12, see #75

Version notes 1.7.21

  • fixes issue with detecting OSX, see #58

Version notes 1.7.20

  • uses the linux64 platform when run on 64-bit Linux, see #59

Version notes 1.7.19

  • upgrades to the version 3.11 of Launch4j

Version notes 1.7.18

  • reverts changes introduced in 1.7.17, see #55

Version notes 1.7.17

  • adds support for unwrapped jar, see #55

Version notes 1.7.16

  • detects different OSX versions to properly use proper binary bundle, see #54

Version notes 1.7.15

  • allows override some properties loaded from an external Launch4j config file, see #49

Version notes 1.7.14

  • fixes issue with setting language, see #50

Version notes 1.7.13

  • upgrades maven plugins to latest versions, see #47

Version notes 1.7.12

  • adds support for missing options, see #45
    • language - please use one of the values as defined for the <language/> tag
    • trademarks - a free text used as a trademarks

Version notes 1.7.11

  • upgrades to Launch4j version 3.9

Version notes 1.7.10

  • fixes broken <configuration/> when not using <infile/>

Version notes 1.7.9

  • adds capability of loading Launch4j native configuration file

By default it will take from ${project.basedir}/src/main/resources/${project.artifactId}-launch4j.xml. Plugin execution goal should be set to install. It's an optional configuration, you can either use your existing configuration as it was in previous version or use native Launch4j config file via <infile>.

Version notes 1.7.8

  • fixes issue with spaces in path to maven repository on non-Windows systems, see #27, #28

Version notes 1.7.7

  • once again fixes problem with including dependencies in scope runtime (now it should be the final solution), see #5
  • adds support for bundledJreAsFallback and bundledJre64Bit properties, see #23
  • upgrades Launch4j to 3.8.0, see #21

Version notes 1.7.6

  • fixes again problem with including dependencies in scope runtime, see #5

Version notes 1.7.5

  • allows add custom headers and libraries to working dir #22

Version notes 1.7.4

  • fixes type in default value for outfile parameter #17

Version notes 1.7.3

  • uses Maven annotation instead of JavaDoc parameters #15
  • upgrades Maven plugins #15
  • converts tabs to spaces 5b0619

Version notes 1.7.2

  • adds support for restartOnCrash Launch4j's option #14

Version notes 1.7.1

  • launch4j's abeille dependency was excluded #11
  • versions of several plugins were updated #11
  • tabs were converted to spaces #11

Version notes 1.7

  • uses the latest version of Launch4j (3.5.0)
  • contains support for runtimeBits, see #6
  • fixes problem with including dependencies in scope runtime, see #5

Version notes 1.6

  • dropped Launch4j source and based on artifacts from Maven Central, see #8
  • uses the latest version of Launch4j (3.4.0)
  • at least Java 1.7 is required


Q: I cannot build my project because dsol-xml dependency is missing?

A: Add this repository to your ~/.m2/settings.xml

        <name>Simulation @ TU Delft</name>

Q: Where can I find -SNAPSHOT builds?

A: Use the Sonatype OSS repo

        <name>Sonatype Nexus Snapshots</name>

Q: Can I use Launch4j on 64bit OS?

A: Yes but you will have to install these libs to avoid problems:

  • lib32z1
  • lib32ncurses5
  • lib32bz2-1.0 (has been ia32-libs in older Ubuntu versions)
  • zlib.i686
  • ncurses-libs.i686
  • bzip2-libs.i686

See #4 for more details.