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(;FF[4]AP[Primiview:3.1]GM[1]SZ[19]GN[Gametree 1: properties]US[Arno Hollosi]
(;B[pd]N[Moves, comments, annotations]
C[Nodename set to: "Moves, comments, annotations"];W[dp]GW[1]
C[Marked as "Good for White"];B[pp]GB[2]
C[Marked as "Very good for Black"];W[dc]GW[2]
C[Marked as "Very good for White"];B[pj]DM[1]
C[Marked as "Even position"];W[ci]UC[1]
C[Marked as "Unclear position"];B[jd]TE[1]
C[Marked as "Tesuji" or "Good move"];W[jp]BM[2]
C[Marked as "Very bad move"];B[gd]DO[]
C[Marked as "Doubtful move"];W[de]IT[]
C[Marked as "Interesting move"];B[jj];
C[White "Pass" move]W[];
C[Black "Pass" move]B[tt])
N[Setup]C[Black & white stones at the top are added as single stones.
Black & white stones at the bottom are added using compressed point lists.]
Black stones & stones of left white group are erased in FF[3\] way.
White stones at bottom right were erased using compressed point list.]
;AB[pd]AW[pp]PL[B]C[Added two stones.
Node marked with "Black to play".];PL[W]
C[Node marked with "White to play"])
[er]N[Markup]C[Position set up without compressed point lists.]
C[Markup at top partially using compressed point lists (for markup on white stones); listed clockwise, starting at upper left:
- TR (triangle)
- CR (circle)
- SQ (square)
- SL (selected points)
- MA ('X')
Markup at bottom: black & white territory (using compressed point lists)]
C[Label (LB property)
Top: 8 single char labels (1-4, a-d)
Bottom: Labels up to 8 char length.]
C[Arrows, lines and dimmed points.])
(;B[qd]N[Style & text type]
C[There are hard linebreaks & soft linebreaks.
Soft linebreaks are linebreaks preceeded by '\\' like this one >o\
k<. Hard line breaks are all other linebreaks.
Soft linebreaks are converted to >nothing<, i.e. removed.
Note that linebreaks are coded differently on different systems.
Examples (>ok< shouldn't be split):
linebreak 1 "\\n": >o\
linebreak 2 "\\n\\r": >o\
linebreak 3 "\\r\\n": >o\
linebreak 4 "\\r": >o\ k<]
(;W[dd]N[W d16]C[Variation C is better.](;B[pp]N[B q4])
(;B[dp]N[B d4])
(;B[pq]N[B q3])
(;B[oq]N[B p3])
(;W[dp]N[W d4])
(;W[pp]N[W q4])
(;W[cc]N[W c17])
(;W[cq]N[W c3])
(;W[qq]N[W r3])
(;B[qr]N[Time limits, captures & move numbers]
BL[120.0]C[Black time left: 120 sec];W[rr]
WL[300]C[White time left: 300 sec];B[rq]
BL[105.6]OB[10]C[Black time left: 105.6 sec
Black stones left (in this byo-yomi period): 10];W[qq]
WL[200]OW[2]C[White time left: 200 sec
White stones left: 2];B[sr]
BL[87.00]OB[9]C[Black time left: 87 sec
Black stones left: 9];W[qs]
WL[13.20]OW[1]C[White time left: 13.2 sec
White stones left: 1];B[rs]
C[One white stone at s2 captured];W[ps];B[pr];W[or]
MN[2]C[Set move number to 2];B[os]
C[Two white stones captured
(at q1 & r1)]
;MN[112]W[pq]C[Set move number to 112];B[sq];W[rp];B[ps]
;B[rr];W[sp];B[qs]C[Suicide move
(all B stones get captured)])
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