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<head><title>GoGui Installation Notes</title></head>
<h1>GoGui Installation Notes</h1>
GoGui requires at least Java version 5. The recommended Java runtime
environment is Sun's Java SE 6. GoGui will also work in OpenJDK, but at
the time of this writing there were still minor rendering issues if GoGui is
used with OpenJDK (e.g. the stones on the board are not completely round;
the last tested version was OpenJDK 14.0-b16).
GoGui comes with precompiled Java jar files for GoGui and the GTP tools
in the lib directory. GoGui does not necessarily need to be installed on the
system, it can be run from the directory where the distribution file was
extracted to.
For Unix systems there are launcher scripts in the bin directory.
The launcher scripts respect the environment variable GOGUI_JAVA_HOME, if
defined, and look for the jar files relative to the bin directory.
<h2>Installation on Linux</h2>
For Linux, there is an installation script <tt></tt>, which installs
GoGui into the system directories and integrates it into the desktop
environment. This script needs to be run as root and requires the option
<tt>-j</tt> with the location of a Java 5 compatible virtual machine.
On Ubuntu 9.10, it is recommended to install the package sun-java6-jre
in the Synaptic package manager, and then install GoGui by running the command:
<tt>sudo ./ -j /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun</tt>
On Ubuntu 10.4, the package sun-java6-jre has been moved to the partner
repository. You first have to add the partner repository by running the
<tt>sudo add-apt-repository "deb lucid partner"</tt>
<h2>Installation on Windows</h2>
Currently, no installation program for Windows exists. GoGui can still be
run on Windows, if Java is installed, by clicking on the file
<tt>gogui.jar</tt> in the <tt>lib</tt> directory.
<h2>Installation on Mac OS</h2>
A Mac application bundle can be created by compiling GoGui from the sources
(see below) and running
<h2>Compiling from the Sources</h2>
Compiling GoGui from the sources needs the
<a href="">Ant build system</a>.
The HTML documentation is generated using Docbook.
To re-generate the HTML files after changes in the XML files,
the XSL transformer <a href="">xsltproc</a> has to be
The built in ant target <tt>Style</tt> is no longer used, because it has
problems with newer versions of Docbook XSL and also replaces some HTML
entities in a way that the Java JEditorPane does not render correctly.
If all requirements are met, simply type <tt>ant</tt> in the main directory of
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