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This is an example of a client-side application implemented using Rosmaro, React, Redux and Redux-Saga.

Rosmaro is responsible for handling changes of behavior.

React renders the view.

Redux stores the state.

Redux-Saga handles declarative side effects.

Rosmaro Editor was used to draw the graph.json file.

Rosmaro-React was used to integrate React with Rosmaro.

Rosmaro-Redux was used to integrate Redux with Rosmaro.

Rosmaro-Tools helped to generate bindings based on the directory structure.

Rosmaro-Binding-Utils made it easy to write bindings.

Create React App was used to bootstrap this demo.

There is just 1 IF responsible for the logic:

const arrow = ateCarrots >= 5
  ? 'ate 5 carrots' 
  : 'ate a carrot';

The rest of the logic looks like this (in the Rosmaro visual editor): The bunny app opened in the Rosmaro visual editor