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Simple script copying AWS snapshots between regions.

root@whatever:/home/nvm# php ec2-snapshot-copy.php vol-abc1234 eu-west-1
Current availability zone: us-east-1
Available regions: eu-west-1 sa-east-1 us-east-1 ap-northeast-1 us-west-2 us-west-1 ap-southeast-1 ap-southeast-2
[i] Using current endpoint
[i] Volume vol-abc1234 found. Looking for snapshots.
[i] Most recent snapshot found: Thu 21 Feb 2013 - snap-1234
[i] Copying snapshot snap-1234 from us-east-1 to eu-west-1
[i] New snapshot id: snap-4321`
  • execute script with volume id to copy it's snapshot
  • it detects current availability zone using ec2metadata output ( laziness FTW )
  • sets endpoint for current zone, checking if volume exists, if yes - checking for snapshots and picking latest one.
  • switching ( in background ) endpoint to desired one, copying snapshot
  • returning ID of our source snapshot copy, in new region.