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RuneAudioLCDMod is a modification of great RuneAudioLCD ( python script that is used on RuneAudio player for displaying playback information on LCD screen and controlling of player via hardware buttons and IR remote.


  • code migrated to Python 3,
  • implementation of direct pins connection for LCD display (I2C is already implemented in original script),
  • selection of display screens with hardware button,
  • control of backlight ON/OFF with hardware button.


  • Raspberry Pi (tested on Pi 2) running RuneAudio (,
  • Python 3 installed,
  • Adafruit LCD char library installed for parallel display.


The easiest solution to run the RuneAudioLCDMod python script every time you turn on RuneAudio player is to setup a deamon that executes python script. Bash script and service definition are included in repository.

  • create a shell script such as /usr/bin/
  • create a service file in /lib/systemd/control_script.service
  • make systemd aware of your new service:
    • systemctl daemon-reload
    • systemctl enable control_script.service (if error with symbolic link -> run systemctl enable "FULLPATHTOSERVICE")
    • systemctl start control_script.service
  • reboot the RPI to see script in action.

Useful commands

  • systemctl status control_script.service
  • systemctl stop control_script.service
  • systemctl start control_script.service
  • systemctl disable control_script.service

Services "log":

  • journalctl /usr/lib/systemd/systemd -b