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# import packages
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
from scipy.ndimage.filters import gaussian_filter1d
import matplotlib.colors
# skip 52 rows to avoid reading in metadata
df = pd.read_csv('H_ERA5_ECMW_T639_TA-_0002m_Euro_NUT2_S197901010000_E201906302300_INS_MAP_01h_NA-_noc_org_NA_NA---_NA---_NA---.csv',
# function to get celcius from kelvin
def ktoc(x):
# if x is a string,
if type(x) is str:
# ignore
return x
# but, if not, return it subtracted by 273.15
elif x:
return x - 273.15
# and leave everything else
# applymap to entire dataframe
df2 = df.applymap(ktoc)
# Create lists for uk regions
uk_df = (df2.UKC1, df2.UKC2, df2.UKD1, df2.UKD3,
df2.UKD4, df2.UKD6, df2.UKD7, df2.UKE1,
df2.UKE2, df2.UKE3, df2.UKE4, df2.UKF1,
df2.UKF2, df2.UKF3, df2.UKG1, df2.UKG2,
df2.UKG3, df2.UKH1, df2.UKH2, df2.UKH3,
df2.UKI3, df2.UKJ1, df2.UKJ2, df2.UKJ3,
df2.UKJ4, df2.UKK1, df2.UKK2, df2.UKK3,
df2.UKK4, df2.UKL1, df2.UKL2, df2.UKM5,
df2.UKM6, df2.UKM7, df2.UKM8, df2.UKM9,
# wrap plotting inside style context for nice looking plot theme
# smooth plots with gaussian filter, set sigma for amount of smoothing. The higher the sigma, the longer it will take to render plot
for ud in uk_df:
s = gaussian_filter1d(ud, sigma=100000)
plt.plot(df.index, s ,linestyle='-')
# setup plot with labels and title
fig = plt.gcf()
fig.set_size_inches(18.5, 10.5)
plt.xlabel('Year', fontsize=14)
plt.ylabel('Celcius', fontsize=14)
fig.suptitle('Area averaged ERA5 temperature data, for regions in the United Kingdom.', fontsize=16)
# display plot
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