Object-oriented, Emmet-inspired CSS utility classes for rapid website development
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A collection of CSS utility classes - based on Emmet shorthand conventions - to aid in object-oriented CSS development.


Terse OOCSS classes can be a powerful tool for rapid and scalable development. They can be used independently, or to augment existing objects.

<div class="card">
	<div class="card__photo ta-c">
		<h3>Business Name</h3>
		<div class="fz-s">Some City, America</div>
	<div class="card__cell">
		<h3 class="mt-xs mb-xxs">John Doe</h3>
		<div class="fz-s"><span class="fw-b">Member number:</span> 081425</div>
		<div class="mt mb-l">
			123 Main St.<br />
			Columbus, OH 43215
		<a href="#" class="button">Select Account</a>


You can download the repo, or install via Bower:

$ bower install css-utils --save-dev

The Classes


Selector Responsibility
.d-b display block
.d-i display inline
.d-ib display inline-block
.d-tb display table
.d-tbc display table-cell
.d-tbr display table-row
.vh visually hidden, but available for screen readers


Selector Responsibility
.fl-l float left
.fl-r float right
.fl-n float none
.cl-b clear both
.cl-l clear left
.cl-r clear right
.cf clear fix (contain floats)


Selector Responsibility
.rwd-img responsive image (max-width: 100%)
.rwd-img-st stretched responsive image (width: 100%)
.intrinsic intrinsic ratio wrapper; default 16:9 ratio
.ir image replacement (@mixin included)


Selector Responsibility
.pos-r position relative
.pos-s position static
.pos-a position absolute
.pos-f position fixed


Selector Responsibility
.{p/m}{t/r/b/l}-{xxs/xs/s/l/xl/xxl} apply padding/margin in a given direction (top/right/bottom/left) in a given increment.
.{p/m}-0 remove all padding/margin
.m{r/l}-a margin left/right auto (centering)
Increment Value*
xxs 0.146em
xs 0.236em
s 0.618em
(none) 1em
l 1.618em
xl 4.236em
xxl 6.854em

*values derived from golden ratio


<div class="mt-xl">
	<!-- 4.236em top margin -->

<div class="pl-s">
	<!-- 0.618em left padding -->

<div class="mb">
	<!-- 1em bottom margin -->

The spacing scale and step progression are configurable. Set these values in your own Sass, before including the css-utils lib:

// default values
$util-ratio: 1.618;
$util-base: 1em;
$util-spacing: (
	xxs: -4,
	xs: -3,
	s: -1,
	base: 0,
	l: 1,
	xl: 3,
	xxl: 4


Selector Responsibility
.ta-l text align left
.ta-c text align center
.ta-r text align right
.ta-j text align justify
.c-i inherit ancestor text color
.kern enable font kerning
.whs-nw prevent wrapping on whitespace
.truncate limit text to a single line, truncating with an ellipsis
.fw-l font weight light (200)
.fw-n font weight normal (400)
.fw-b font weight bold (700)
.fs-i italic
.tt-u uppercase
.wfsm font anti-aliasing

Vertical Alignment

Selector Responsibility
.va-t align to top
.va-m align to middle
.va-b align to bottom


The MIT License (MIT)