A finite state machine view for Backbone.js
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Backbone Finite State Machine View

A finite state machine view for Backbone.js. If you have pages involving complex form navigation, where you want to show/hide elements, and load different options depending on previous choices (i.e. on the state), you may find this handy.

The code contains JSDoc documentation and closure closure compiler-compatible type annotations.

(Somewhat) basic usage

The following code is the skeleton for a view that would conditionally show and hide form elements, and enable a form submission button when a given state has been reached.

A user will be transitioned from the initial state initialized to either the q1done state or the q1q2 state, and so on.

addTransitionEvaluationAny is used to handle cases where the user changes their answer to question 1. It does not specify a new state, but rather in its callback adds a new FSM event to the queue, so that the FSM will handle the user's input correctly.


MyView = FsmView.extend({
	initialize: function() {
		this.addTransition('initialize', 'uninitialized', this.transitionActions.initialize, 'initialized');
		this.addTransitionEvaluation('answerQuestion1', 'initialized', '2', this.transitionActions.done, 'q1done');
		this.addTransitionEvaluation('answerQuestion1', 'initialized', '1', this.transitionActions.q1q2, 'q1q2');
		this.addTransitionEvaluation('answerQuestion2', 'q1q2', 'yes', this.transitionActions.q1q2q3, 'q1q2q3');
		this.addTransitionEvaluation('answerQuestion2', 'q1q2', 'no', this.transitionActions.done, 'q1q2done');
		this.addTransition('answerQuestion3', 'q1q2q3', this.transitionActions.done, 'q1q2q3done');
		this.addTransitionEvaluationAny('answerQuestion1', this.transitionActions.changeQ1Answer);
	transitionActions: {
		q1q2: function() {
			// reveal question 2
		q1q2q3: function() {
			// reveal question 3
		changeQ1Answer: function() {
			// hide later questions, maybe wipe out answers
			this.addToQueue('answerQuestion1', $('#question1').get(0));
		done: function() {
			// do cleanup, enable submit button


The fsm-event-trigger class tells the FSM view to pay attention to this element's change event. The data-event-name HTML5 data attribute provides the name for the FSM event.

		<select class="fsm-event-trigger" name="question-1" data-event-name="answerQuestion1">
			<option value=""></option>
			<option value="1">1</option>
			<option value="2">2</option>
		<select class="fsm-event-trigger hidden" name="question-2" data-event-name="answerQuestion2">
			<option value=""></option>
			<option value="yes">yes</option>
			<option value="no">no</option>
		<input type="text" class="fsm-event-trigger hidden" name="question-3" data-event-name="answerQuestion3">
		<input type="submit" value="Submit" disabled="disabled" />


A full-coverage test suite using qunit and sinon is available in /test.

Additionally, if you have closure compiler on your system, you may use compile_javascript.rb in /test to run fsm_view.js through closure compiler with advance optimization and type checking. It relies on several extern files in /externs.

You can either export an environment variable CC_PATH that points to compiler.jar on your system, or modify compile_javascript.rb accordingly.


In Canada, licence is a noun, and license is a verb. This software is licensed under the MIT licence.