Small plugin to batch load images to avoid rate-limited image requests
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Small plugin (about half a KB, minified) to batch load images to avoid rate-limited image requests.

It works by splitting up the images into batches, then delayed-loading them with setTimeout.

Developed for use with Google Contacts API which requires calls to image resources to be authenticated with oauth access_token, but has an (undocumented) rate limit of about 10 requests per second.

This plugin ensures your images will eventually get loaded, avoiding 503 HTTP errors.


Create markup like so (example uses Handlebars-style templating):

<img src="{default_picture}" alt="" width="48" height="48" class="batched-image-loader" data-img-src="{picture}" data-img-loaded="false" />

default_picture is optional, could be a default user avatar icon. picture should be the real image source, provided by the Google API.

Then call batchedImageLoader() on the containing element:



  delay: 1000, // in msecs
  batchSize: 10, // size of each batch to load
  className: 'batched-image-loader' // class on images