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List MP3s - Multi-MP3 Tagger
Visual Basic
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List MP3s
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List MP3s - Multi-MP3 Tagger

Donate (Donations will be used to pay for Code Signing Certificates, then the remainder distributed to maintainers/contributors)


  1. What is it?
  2. What is its goal?
  3. Requirements
  4. Known Bugs
  5. Contact the developer

  1. What is it?

ListMP3s was my first BIG program. I was still a new programmer (for the .NET framework), and wanted to try to build a project I knew about - MUSIC. I had other applications that could tag, but I wanted more from them, without paying. So, I created this program back in the days of Windows Vista, pre-SP1 era, and decided to make it open source.

  1. What is its goal?

I want to create the BEST tagging application available, and have it be open source. I want the world to have the tools they need to get the job done, and I would rather know they're using my tools for free because they want to, rather than because they are paying me. Programming isn't my job, and I don't want it to be; it's a hobby and I like keeping it that way.

It's not supposed to replace your mainstream media player, but if your music is extremely organized, it just might be!

  1. Requirements

To compile:

  • Microsoft Windows XP (ughh) or higher, 32 or 64-bit
  • Visual Studio 2002 or above (Even the 2013 editions have the free EXPRESS editions, no excuse to use older versions!)
  • Whatever Windows and Visual Studio need to run.

To Run:

  • Windows XP or higher, 32 or 64-bit
  • 512 MB of RAM (Yes, I know it seems high, but you need to run Windows too, remember?)
  • Music files in .MP3 format (It may crash and burn and steal your first born child as payment if you don't have music)
  • Speakers to listen to the tracks (optional, but don't be "that guy")
  1. Known Bugs

None so far... Wanna help find some?

  1. Contact the Developer

The developer runs a blog now at Talk about IT!, and has his profile there, complete with SE contact information and an email address.

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