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LAML (Luke And Ali Markup Language)

This is a lightweight, in-progress, layout, component and application framework for ActionScript 3 SWF applications.

There are many similarities between this framework and Flex, but following are some of the differences:

  • Supports (and was created using) Test-Driven Development
  • Avoids Singletons and custom compilation units (like extra frames and pre-loaders)
  • Tiny download footprint
  • Minimize duplicate boilerplate code
  • Supports workflow and views built using Flash Authoring, Flex Builder or any other ActionScript editor
  • Simplified creation of skins and themes
  • Supports both compile time and run time XML layout/configuration
  • Component model composes DisplayObject instead of extending it, enhancing the flexibility and implications of view creation
  • Support modular applications (separate SWF files)
  • Applications and components can be developed using the same concepts
  • Built to interfaces instead of base classes, making it easier to adapt and extend

Feel free to add some Issues as you come across them.