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Drawer API built on top of wix react-native-navigation for iOS and Android (with TypeScript!)
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React Native Navigation Drawer Extension

React Native Navigation by Wix does not offer an in-built solution for displaying a drawer on iOS. Their current side-menu has limited functionality on both iOS and Android. This is a drawer solution using showOverlay under the hood to display a drawer on iOS and Android.

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 npm install react-native-navigation-drawer-extension --save


 yarn add react-native-navigation-drawer-extension


You need to register your drawer component with RNN. To do this use the register method and wrap your component in the RNNDrawer HOC.

import { Navigation } from "react-native-navigation";
import { RNNDrawer } from "react-native-navigation-drawer-extension";

// register our drawer component with RNN
Navigation.registerComponent("CustomDrawer", () => RNNDrawer.create(CustomDrawer));

You can then use the drawer by calling a custom method. The showDrawer method will take a single parameter options identical to showOverlay.

import { RNNDrawer } from "react-native-navigation-drawer-extension";

  component: {
    name: "CustomDrawer",
    passProps: {
      animationOpenTime: 300,
      animationCloseTime: 300,
      direction: "left",
      dismissWhenTouchOutside: true,
      fadeOpacity: 0.6,
      drawerScreenWidth: "75%" || 445, // Use relative to screen '%' or absolute
      drawerScreenHeight: "100%" || 700,
      style: { // Styles the drawer container, supports any react-native style
        backgroundColor: "red",
      parentComponentId: this.props.componentId, // Custom prop, will be available in your custom drawer component props


To navigate from the drawer you must pass the parent componentId and use that to navigate. e.g:

// From drawer component
Navigation.push(parentComponentId, {
  component: {
    name: "CustomScreenFromDrawer",


The props below are used to configure the drawer and are to be used in RNN passProps:. Any aditional props will be passed to your custom drawer component.

Prop Type Optional Default Description
animationOpenTime float Yes 300 Time in milliseconds to execute the drawer opening animation.
animationCloseTime float Yes 300 Time in milliseconds to execute the drawer closing animation.
direction string Yes left Direction to open the collage, one of: ["left", "right", "top", "bottom"].
dismissWhenTouchOutside bool Yes true Should the drawer be dismissed when a click is registered outside?
fadeOpacity number Yes 0.6 Opacity of the screen outside the drawer.
drawerScreenWidth number Yes 0.8 0 - 1, width of drawer in relation to the screen.
drawerScreenHeight number Yes 1 0 - 1, height of drawer in relation to the screen.


The library also exposes a component which will allow you to open the drawer by either swiping the left or right gutter of the phone. This is achieved by using event listeners to communicate with the RNNDrawer HOC component. To enable this feature wrap your screen with the SideMenuView component. <SideMenuView> is just an enhanced <View> all props are passed down to <View>.

import { SideMenuView } from "react-native-navigation-drawer-extension";

  style={{ flex: 1 }}
  right={() => Navigation.showDrawer({
    component: {
      name: "CustomDrawer",
      passProps: {
       direction: "right"


Prop Type Optional Default Description
left func Yes Function which is executed when the left gutter is swiped.
right func Yes Function which is executed when the right gutter is swiped.
swipeSensitivity number Yes 0.2 The sensitivity of the swipe to invoke each function.
sideMargin number Yes 15 The size of the gutter for both sides.
sideMarginLeft number Yes The size of the gutter for the left side.
sideMarginRight number Yes The size of the gutter for the right side.
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