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Vulnerability checker backend service
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Vulnerability check backend

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A python script that connects to the API to pull in all security vulnerabilities that apply to your setup.
This is the backend responsible for the following:-

  • Connecting to the API to get a list of all the types of vulnerabilities i.e. Cisco, Linux, Windows etc.
  • Putting these into a SQLite DB so that they can be selected or deselected from the frontend
  • Downloading the relevant .zip files from vulners and storing them in a folder to be accessed by the front end.

Table of contents


To use the backend run python3 from within the main directory of the script or setup a crontab job to do this,
i.e. 0 1 * * 0-6 python3 /root/bin/vuln_backend/ >/dev/null 2>&1

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Download the Zip of the script and extract to an easily accessible folder i.e. /root/bin/vuln_backend

You will need to setup the MySQL/MariaDB and MongoDB databases.

Thos MongoDB database is named vulnerabilities and this will need a collection named vuln_sets

Rename config.ini.example to config.ini and change the following values to your values:

DB_SERVER = dbserver DB_USER = dbuser DB_PWD = dbpass DB_NAME = database

MONGO_SERVER = mongoserver MONGO_PORT = 27017

Navigate to the installation directory and run pip install -r requirements.txt

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To update, check the project homepage here to check the latest release.

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To uninstall, just delete the files and the crontab if you have set one up.

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Your contributions are always welcome! Please have a look at the contribution guidelines first. 🎉


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GPLv3 2017 - LukeBrewerton. Please have a look at the for more details.

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