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Pattern Response


Update | 6th September 2013

Anyone still looking at this, I still currently recommend either StyleDocco or Kalei Style Guide for generating style guides, but I might be working on a new project that is closer to what I would ideally like.

Thanks, Luke

How to use

Create folders in the patterns folder, place html files in each folder. The html files can contain html, css and/or a description.

To display a description about the contents of the folder, include it in a info.txt file in the base of that folder.

Pattern Structure


To add a description use html comments. eg. <!-- INFO! This is the description /INFO -->

Use the start and ending INFO tags to declare a description


To add HTML just add it as usual, make sure it comes after the INFO comments but before the CSS comments.


To add CSS there are 2 options:

Option 1

Use html comments in your pattern file.

eg. <!--CSS! h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 { font-weight: bold; } /CSS-->

This CSS is now embedded in the page.

Option 2

Include a CSS file in the same folder as the html file with the exact same name as the html file, except with the extension .css

eg. your html file is headings.html, create a file called headings.css in the same folder

All the .css files in the patterns folder are compiled into one CSS file and rendered by the page.

Pattern Notes

INFO and CSS is not required as long as it follows the same structure. eg. If there is no INFO needed just include the HTML then the CSS.


The CSS in the documentation is now included in the page markup.

You can also add you own styles in Pattern Response by changing the line in index.php from:

To include the location of your css file and then uncomment it.


This is by no means perfect, actually it's probably much less than perfect. I am happy for others to give ideas and add to the project. Please Note: This is my first Github project and I'm really not sure how to do this.


A HTML library for storing resposive patterns and creating style guides.






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