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Foundationify is a theme for Shopify based on the responsive Zurb Foundation 5 framework.

Foundationify makes it easy to get started on building your own Foundation based Shopify Theme.

Foundationify is brought to you by Tools for Living

Requires Bower and Grunt.

Run grunt build to build. The dist directory will contain the built theme.

Curent Status

This project provides a working Shopify theme with all Foundation 5 CSS and JavaScript available, ready for you start adding your own templates and building your own Shopify theme.



I'm currently working on building all of the necessary templates to provide a basic Shopify theme that can be used without any modifications. Once complete this will be consided version 1.0.0.

To Do – 12/2/13

  1. Customer pages

Getting Started

  1. Checkout project.
  2. Run npm install && bower install.
  3. Run grunt build.
  4. Theme will be built into the /dist folder.

Working with the Shopify Theme Manager (live updating)

  1. Download and install this blank theme:
  2. Optionally rename the theme within Shopify.
  3. Using the Shopify Theme Manager, connect to your store and download the theme.
  4. Delete the downloaded folder, and recreate it as a symlink to your foundationify/dist folder.
  5. Run grunt live which will build the dist folder for Foundationify.
  6. In the Shopify Theme Manager, force a deployment to upload the theme.
  7. Start making your changes and see them uploaded immediately to your store.


A theme for Shopify based on the responsive Zurb Foundation 5 framework.




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