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Oilert is an app to track the movement of tanker ships in Burrard Inlet.
It consists of the following components:
* A web interface to show the current state of ships nearby.
* An API to subscribe and unsubscribe from SMS notifications.
* A script to consume the feed and update our state.
These are briefly explained below.
** Web Interface **
The web application is written in Perl using the Dancer framework. It is hosted at
The web app uses a Redis database to store information about the ships.
** Feed Consumer **
The data feed is supplied by as a TCP stream of raw AIS data. The best reference for this is Eric S. Raymond's Protocol Decoding Guide -
We use a ./bin/ script from Kurt Schwehr -
* It has been modified slightly to ignore types of errors emits a json stream which we consume and stick into Redis.
Install dependencies first:
* libais
git clone then: sudo python install
* Many Perl dependencies listed in Makefile.PL
* Redis
Then you should be able to run the consumer ./bin/consume-aishub
And you should be able to run the web interface in development mode: plackup
With this in place, you can install these services into your environment.
See also: install-notes.txt