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Some TODOs from Luke:
* Add a Preview button for previewing the email that goes out to a member.
* Automated testing for Biopay. I've not written any tests, but things
are stable enough that it would be absolutely fantastic to have some
selenium tests (or even mechanized tests)
* Reporting - Biopay has a lot of data, but we've not touched much of
the reporting of that data
** Dataviz of: fuel sold per day/week/month, Fuel sold per user
- fuel sold per day/week/month (histogram)
- fuel sold per user (this is just a number - how to viz - per time frame?)
* Add _design from couchdb to git somehow
* have a postinstall post everything to COUCH_URI
* Importing 3 years of historical data - we have loads of data that
shows us how how much fuel we've sold (& to whom) - this would be
great to have loaded into our system b/c then we can show how much
carbon we've offset. (hint: shockingly a lot).