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<h1>Payment Details</h1>
[% IF message %]
<p>Looks like there was a problem entering your payment details. You can either try again or email [% info_email_link %] for help.</p>
[% ELSE %]
<div class="alert-message success">
Great, your membership form looks good.
<p>Next up, we need to collect your payment details for the initial sign-up fee and to charge your future biodiesel purchases to.</p>
<p>Your credit card data will be stored in a secure, <a href="">PCI compliant</a> system hosted by <a href="">BeanStream</a>.</p>
<div class="alert-message info"><p><strong>Note:</strong> When you enter your payment details, we will charge you the non-refundable $25 membership fee. When you fill up with biodiesel, this card will be charged.</p></div>
[% END %]
<a class="btn large primary" href="[% payment_url %]">Enter your payment details</a>