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[% IF !member %]
<h1>Sorry, I can't find a member at this address!</h1>
<p>Perhaps you clicked on a link from an old email?</p>
<p>If you are stuck, please contact [% info_email_link %]. Sorry for the confusion.</p>
[% ELSE %]
[% IF confirmed %]
<h1>Set the password for member #[% %]:</h1>
<form action="[% host %]/set-password" method="POST">
<legend>Choose a new password to login to the member area:</legend>
<label for="">New Password:</label>
<div class="input">
<input id="password1" class="xlInput" type="password" name="password1" size=20 />
<label for="">Password Again:</label>
<div class="input">
<input id="password2" class="xlInput" type="password" name="password2" size=20 />
<input type="hidden" name="hash" value="[% member.login_hash %]" />
[% IF path %]
<input type="hidden" name="path" value="[% path %]" />
[% END %]
<div class="actions">
<input type="submit" class="btn large primary" value="Set my password!" />
jQuery( function () {
[% ELSE %]
<h1>You need to set a password.</h1>
<div class="alert-message info">
<p><strong>Check your mail</strong> for a link to set your password.</p>
[% END %]
[% END %]