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Revision history for Perl extension WWW-Selenium-Utils.
0.09 - 13 Mar 2008
- added missing Test::Exception dependency
0.08 - 7 Mar 2006
- switch to eval'd config file, still support old style
- report all errors in file before exiting
- Added support to include other files
- refactored wiki to html function
- Documented integration with Selenium Recorder (Mark Stosberg)
- Added sel2wiki utility for converting html tables to wiki
- fixed 0/defined bug - thanks Orlando!
0.07 - 16 Dec 2005
- wiki file lines with extra pipe are considered invalid (Mark Stosberg)
- added support for reading test_dir from config file
(default: $Config{prefix}/etc/selutils.conf)
- added support for generating a TestSuite for each directory
- added support to build a TestSuite index
- handle comments before the title in selenium-regen
- added auto-generated WWW::Selenium::Utils::Actions from selenium sources
- selenium-regen will now die if the number of args is incorrect for certain
selenium actions
- invalid lines are now fatal
0.06 - Mon Dec 12 00:22:25 PST 2005
- added --base option to selenium-regen to prefix a common
path to all open and assert/verifyLocation commands
- Thanks Mark Stosberg!
- reword the auto-generated comment
- bugfixes for directory paths
0.05 - Sat Dec 10 15:42:26 PST 2005
- added Auto-generated comment to generated html files
(thanks Mark Stosberg!)
- added to write selenium results to file
- added script/postResults.cgi
0.04 - Mon Nov 28 23:09:42 PST 2005
- Added state functionality
- changed --selenium to default parameter
- selenium-regen needs the tests dir, not the selenium dir
- Thanks Mark Stosberg!
- use test title in TestSuite.html (better titles)
0.03 Later
- moved selenium-regen to bin from script
0.01 Fri Nov 4 10:05:50 2005
- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
-AXP -b 5.6.0 WWW-Selenium-Utils
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