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(* Copyright (C) 2008 Mauricio Fernandez <> http//
* See README.txt and LICENSE for the redistribution and modification terms *)
open Printf
open Folddir
open Util
open Unix
let debug = ref false
module Findrepos(F : Folddir.S) =
let find_repositories ?(debug=false) path =
let aux l name stat =
let dir = join path name in
match stat.st_kind with
| S_DIR -> begin
try access (join dir ".git") [F_OK]; Prune (name :: l)
with Unix_error _ -> Continue l
| _ -> Continue l
in List.sort compare (F.fold_directory ~debug aux [] path "")
module All = Findrepos(Folddir.Make(Folddir.Ignore_none))
module Gitignored = Findrepos(Folddir.Make(Folddir.Gitignore))
let main () =
let usage = "Usage: find-git-repos <options>" in
let path = ref "." in
let find_repos = ref All.find_repositories in
let zerosep = ref false in
let sorted = ref false in
let specs = [
"--path", Arg.Set_string path, "Set base path (default: .)";
"-i", Arg.Unit (fun () -> find_repos := Gitignored.find_repositories),
"Mimic git semantics (honor .gitignore, don't scan git submodules)";
"-z", Arg.Set zerosep, "Use \\0 to separate filenames.";
"-s", Arg.Set sorted, "Sort output.";
"--debug", Arg.Set debug, "Debug mode"
in Arg.parse specs ignore usage;
let print = if !zerosep then printf "%s\000" else printf "%s\n" in
let l = !find_repos ~debug:!debug !path in
List.iter print (if !sorted then List.sort compare l else l)
let () = main ()