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<h1>Spreadsheet Gutter
<small>Get the yummy filet out, leaving behind the junk.</small></h1>
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<h2>Getting started</h2>
<h3>Here&rsquo;s how to use this service:</h3>
<h3>Find a spreadsheet you want to convert</h3>
Download it to your computer.
<p>Eg: Vancouver Bike Lane Data from the <a href="">Vancouver Open Data Portal</a>:</p>
<pre>curl -L > bikes.xls</pre>
<h3>Send your sheet to this service</h3>
<p> To have your data returned in the response body:</p>
<pre>curl -X POST --data-binary @bikes.xls > bikes.json</pre>
<p>Or, to have the converted data POSTed to another server, use <code>X-callback</code> header.</p>
<pre>curl -X POST \
-H "X-callback:" \
--data-binary @bikes.csv</pre>
<h3>Receive the payload</h3>
<p>If you used the <code>X-callback</code> header, then your webserver should receive the response. The above example will send data to <a href="">PostBin</a>.</p>
<p>Otherwise, you should receive the result in the response payload.</p>
<h3>Learn more …</h3>
<p>This service uses a <a href="">library</a> to try to read <strong>any</strong> spreadsheet such as OpenOffice, Microsoft Excel, and CSV data.</p>
<p>You can <strong>export</strong> to JSON by posting to <code>/to/json</code>, or to CSV by posting to <code>/to/csv</code>.
<h4>Features to add</h4>
<li>Better date support - look at cell formatting to determine if it is a date.</li>
<li>Support multiple sheets</li>
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<h3>About this Service</h3>
<ul class="links">
<li><a href="">Source code</a></li>
<li><a href="">Service design (gut)</a></li>
<li><a href="">Author: @lukec</a></li>
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