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When I click "next page",
If I don't have ajax, reload the whole page, with the changed helper parameters.
To reload the whole page, I'm going to need:
* All args to the current page.
* Which args should go away
* Which new args should be added.
Basically, this is
BASE PATH: framework->current_url
PARAMS: framework->current_request_args
with this_element->new_version_params replacing
if I have ajax, refetch the enclosing div, with the changed parameters.
To reload just that section of the page, I'm going to need:
* The path to the bit I want to replace.
* The name of the surrounding div to replace it with?
* The moniker? of the section to replace.
* The parameters I should pass to that section.
Are those the same as the things for the next-page link?
Basically, this would be:
BASE PATH this_element->direct_url (no params?)
and replace this_element->current_version_params
with this_element->new_version_params
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