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<html> <head>
<title>libais changelog and release history</title>
<ul> <!-- list of all releases -->
<li>0.7 - Not yet out as a point release
<li>Added AIS area/zone messages 8:1:22 and 8:366:22</li>
<li>0.6 - 2010-06-17
<li>ais21.cpp: new file - AtoN status</li>
<li>ais.h: fix CHECKPOINT for emacs 23</li>
<li>ais.h: Proper inheritance from AisMsg of message_id, repead_id and mmsi</li>
<li>ais.h: started trying to define 8_366_34 - zone msg</li>
<li> new file - monitor db statios with nagios ssh or snmp</li>
<li>0.5 - 2010-05-25
<li>Still a lot of untested/unimplemented messages</li>
<li>docs: Include ESR's AIVDM.txt with permission</li>
<li>docs: MID / DAC / MMSI prefixes now listed in mid.csv</li>
<li>docs: dac/fi list</li>
<li>docs: More notes for message designers</li>
<li>Added msg 8 - 1:11 - IMO Met/Hydro</li>
<li>Added AIS msg 9 - SAR Position</li>
<li> Added try except wrapper on ProcessingThread. Also
try to track one off error found on call with timestamp converting
to float</li>
<li> new file for testing</li>
<li> LineQueue now has a custom drop handler for too many lines waiting.
Could be better. </li>
<li> Added threaded network interface.
Seeing the network side overwhelm the processing thread</li>
<li> Added response_class handling to VesselNames. Can be preloaded.
Allows periodic name dump</li>
<li> Added ENABLE_DB flag to try runs without database execute commands.
Faster debugging</li>
<li>vessels.csv: new file - example preloading of vessel names as response ships</li>
<li>0.4 - 2010-05-11
<li> Started providing a command line interface</li>
<li> Added PositionCache class</li>
<li> Added distance calculation code. </li>
<li> Changed the database table names and structure. Now vessel_name and vessel_pos</li>
<li> new file with lookup tables to make ais wire codes human readable.</li>
<li>0.3 - 2010-05-10
<li>ais.c: added check_error_messages to make sure they are not out of sync</li>
<li>-D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG appears broken in GCC 4.[0-2] so do not use</li>
<li>ais_decode_normed.cpp: temporary C++ side decoding of normed AIVDM messages</li>
<li>nais2pg: added vesselname class to manage updates to postgresql</li>
<li>Added message 24</li>
<li>Fixed python reference counting. Added XXSafeSetItem functions</li>
<li>0.2 - 2010-05-06
<li>Added C++ error handling to classes via AIS_STATUS</li>
<li>C++ message now inherit from AisMsg and need to call init() in
<li>Added C++ messages 7_13, 14, 18, and 19</li>
<li>aivdm_to_bits now has error checking</li>
<li>ais123.cpp renames to ais1_2_3.cpp</li>
<li>Switched to unicode in ais_py.cpp to support Python 3</li>
<li>ais_py.cpp has strange INIT to handle Python 2 and 3</li>
<li> is starting to implement a new AIS feed to database
<li>Redid my old USCG regex to have better names with lower_lower style</li>
<li>LineQueue should now support reading through a socket, which I
got wrong before</li>
<li>Total redo of the Normalization queue to be much lower
overhead and to call the regex only once per line received. Only
keep they body of all but the last message in a sequence.</li>
<li>test_libais.cpp is not really a test framework, but it does
try out the pure C++ world.</li>
<li>0.1 - 2010-05-03
<li>Able to decode messages 1-5 from python</li>
<li>Still a lot of work left to do!</li>
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</body> </html>
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