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Send images from flickr accounts to a Kodak Pulse digital picture frame
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This is a tool to email recent pictures from flickr accounts to an email address, with the image as an attachment.

This is specifically designed for my Mom, to use with her Kodak Pulse digital picture frame.

STEP 1: Create a config file for your mom.

Put something like this in your momrc file.

email_from: _your_email_
email_to: _your_moms_email_
last_sent: 0
# Use to get IDs for users
  - id: _id_of_user1_
    username: _username_of_user1_
  - id: _id_of_user2_
    username: _username_of_user2_

(It should be valid YAML - Mom's love YAML)

STEP 2: Build the docker container.

Check out this repository, and then run `make docker`.  It should build you a docker image for your mom!

STEP 3: Run the container by hand.

Make sure it works.

    sudo bin/momframe-docker path/to/your/momrc

This command will run the script inside the docker container and show you the output.

STEP 4: Put it on cron.

Stick something like this in your /etc/cron.d/momframe file:


0 17 * * * $MF/bin/momframe-from-cron $MF/.momrc
1 17 * * * $MF/bin/momframe-from-cron $MF/.granrc
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