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from sugar.activity import activity
from sugar import env
import os
import gtk
import gobject
import hulahop
hulahop.startup(os.path.join(env.get_profile_path(), 'gecko'))
from XOCom import XOCom
class OnePageWikiActivity (activity.Activity):
def __init__(self, handle):
activity.Activity.__init__(self, handle)
# The XOCom object helps us communicate with the browser
# This uses web/index.html as the default page to load
self.xocom = XOCom()
toolbox = activity.ActivityToolbox(self)
self.set_canvas( self.xocom.create_webview() )
def write_file(self, filename):
content = self.xocom.send_to_browser('write')
if content:
fh = open(filename, 'w')
def read_file(self, filename):
fh = open(filename, 'r')
content =
# We must delay this to give the browser time to start up
# It would be better if this send_to_browser was instead triggered
# once the browser had finished loading.
gobject.timeout_add(2000, self.xocom.send_to_browser, 'read', content)