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use strict;
use warnings;
use Cwd;
use File::Path qw/rmtree/;
my $app_dir = shift or usage();
my $dev_dir = shift or usage();
unless (-d $app_dir) {
die "No such directory: $app_dir\n";
unless (-d $dev_dir) {
die "No such directory: $dev_dir\n";
print "$app_dir => $dev_dir\n";
my @files = glob("$dev_dir/*");
for my $f (@files) {
(my $basename = $f) =~ s#.+/##;
my $app_file = "$app_dir/$basename";
unlink $app_file if -e $app_file;
print "Symlinking $basename\n";
symlink "$dev_dir/$basename" => $app_file
or die "Can't symlink $dev_dir/$basename => $app_file: $!";
sub usage {
die <<EOT;
USAGE: $0 <activity directory> <dev directory>
This tool creates symlinks from the Activity directory into the current
working directory. Any file or directory found in the dev directory
will be symlinked to the Activity directory.