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Resume of Luke Closs
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Luke has over 10 years of experience building innovative and crafty software for customers and for his teams. From cellular networks to anti-spam to appliances and social software, Luke has grown codebases and organicly lead teams towards a reflective, trustful, agile practice.
Most recently, I've been working at Socialtext as one of the core developers. I'm proud both of what we built and also how we built it. I learned a tremendous amount while working with a very talented team.
- Guided our globally decentralized engineering team through major transitions
- Built an innovative culture through monthly open R&D "Wiki Wednesday" days
- Built a dev practice that used agile, lean, kanban, retrospectives
- Migrated a legacy webapp codebase into modern code and real-time architecture
without any major business interruptions, in a small memory footprint.
- Stood on the shoulders of giants to build an awesome REST API.
- Technically: Years of Modern Perl, Javascript, Async, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Git
When I'm not writing code for Socialtext, I've been writing code for citizens. I co-created an award winning Open Data application called Built on the simple idea of helping people remember garbage day, it demonstrated a model for citizen and government co-collaboration. Since then, I've co-founded a service called which gives citizens a more useful and modern interface into a civic service and enables municipalities to better communicate to it's citizens.
I also maintain many open source libraries and tools on I co-created and maintained the Perl driver for the Selenium project.
Relevant Skills
Coach and developer on PureMessage for UNIX Anti-Spam team
- Building a mod_perl based web management interface
- Interfacing with project customers to manage priorities
- Coaching Story and Test Driven Development
- Creating extensive automated unit, system and web tests
Designed and developed UNIX installer for Sophos PureMessage
- Works on Linux/Solaris/Freebsd/AIX/HPUX/MacOSX
- Improved data update mechanisms for Appliance and UNIX products
Involved with Open Source community
- Maintain Test-WWW-Selenium Perl driver for Selenium web testing tool
- Presented about Selenium at YAPC::NA 2006,, Sophos
Developed internal tools and services
- Introduced wikis to organization and integrated with existing processes
- Linked data of between development tools (wiki, perforce, bugzilla...)
- Created PureMessage functional and performance test infrastructure
Soft skills
- Careful listening skills lead to deep understanding of issues
- Pragmatic approach to balancing customer and engineering needs
- At ease talking, presenting ideas, leading design sessions
- Open minded, creative approach to solving problems
- Speaker at OSCON, YAPC::NA, Vancouver Agile Conference, others
- Dvorak speed, vim mastery, bash skilled, and screen proficient
Work Experience
Sophos Canada October 2003 - Present
Agile coach and developer - PureMessage UNIX December 2005 - Present
- Managed release to improve system-wide performance
- Created sexy new interface for product administration
- Coached new team on development of legacy product
Development toolsmith June 2005 - December 2005
- Created and managed interval development tools server
- Integrated TWiki, Bugzilla, and other 3rd party and custom tools
- Investigated possible new development tools
- Created solution for automating testing of web development
PureMessage core developer October 2003 - June 2005
- Rewrote unix install experience to be simpler and more streamlined
- Improved and maintained product updating mechanisms
- Measured performance metrics through automated testing
Lead juggler October 2003 - Present
- Taught many employees to juggle
- Can (could?) fit body through tennis racket
- Entertained at Staff events and conferences
Telos Technology - Software Developer June 2001 - October 2003
- Designed and developed GSM/IS41/UMTS Wireless Softswitch in C
- Created tools to perform automated regression and performance testing
- Worked with Architects and Senior Engineers to analyze performance
problems and refactor the entire product
Other Experience
ACM International Intercollegiate Programming Competition November 2000
- Nominated Team Leader of BCIT's four person team
- Placed 9th out of 48 teams in Pacific NW Region
British Columbia Institute of Technology Sept 1999 - June 2001
- Computer Systems Technology - Data Communications Major (with Honours)
- Project Leader of class wide Linux project
- Project Leader of two industry projects
University College of the Fraser Valley Sept 1998 - Apr 1999
- 4.0 GPA in Economics, Calculus and Accounting
- Juggling and object manipulation (balls, clubs, ruby, ...)
- camping, sailing, hiking, gardening
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