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Luke Closs authored and Luke Closs committed Apr 28, 2011
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@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ <h2>Background</h2>
the <a href="">Vancouver
Hack Space</a> and learned a great deal
about DIY electronics and 3d printers.</p>
- <a name="Skills"></a>
+ <a id="Skills"></a>
<h2>Relevant Skills</h2>
<p>I have extensive experience developing products in
several areas:</p>
@@ -165,11 +165,10 @@ <h2>Relevant Skills</h2>
<ul><li>Javascript, Solr, Nginx, Python, Bash, PHP,
Haskell, O'Caml, Vim, Screen, …</li></ul>
<br />
- </p>
<p>And I have many other <a
skills</a> and can grow a mean unix beard.</p>
- <a name="Experience"></a>
+ <a id="Experience"></a>
<p><strong>Chief Wiki Juggler / Lead Software
@@ -225,7 +224,7 @@ <h3>British Columbia Institute of Technology</h3>
NW Region.</li>
- <a name="Contact"></a>
+ <a id="Contact"></a>
<h2>Contact Info</h2>
I live in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.<br />

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