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<div class="hero-unit">
<h1>cycEL Glow Kits</h1>
<p>Make your bike, trike, stroller, or anything else you can imagine <strong>glow</strong>!</p>
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<h2>cycEL Quik Kit</h2>
<p>Our <strong>Quik Kit</strong> is a quick, cheap and fun way to make yourself more visible at night! This kit features 5 meters of EL wire and a 2AA battery pack for hours of glow-ride fun! Simply wrap it around your bike in any way you'd like!</p>
<p><a class="btn large primary" href="/order">Buy now! Only $30!</a></p>
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<img src="/images/elbike.jpg" alt="EL wire on a bicycle" />
<p class="low">Each kit comes in Aqua blue or Neon Green - our most highly requested colours! Cyclists love them! Motorists love them! Pedestrians love them! Lovers love them!</p>
<p>We also can do <a href="/customEL">custom EL-wire</a> kits for your special projects.</p>
<div class="span-one-third">
<h2>cycEL Ultra Glow Kit</h2>
<p>Our <strong>Ultra Glow Kit</strong> features 10 meters of EL wire, a 12 volt driver and a long-life battery pack for 8 AA batteries. Follow our easy <a href="">assembly guide</a> to build an EL wire system to your exact needs!</p>
<p><a class="btn large primary" href="/order">Buy now! Only $60!</a></p>
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