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<h1>Seed Bomb Kits!</h1>
<p>Spread some seeds in your community!</p>
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<div class="span-one-third insurgent">
<h2>"The Insurgent"</h2>
<p>Our <strong>Insurgent Kit</strong> is just enough seedbomb making material for one person to play with. <br />We sell these in packs of 10. </p>
<p>Kit includes clay, seeds and compost! Customize with your own seeds!</p>
<p><a class="btn large primary" href="/order">Buy now! Pack of 10 for $15!</a></p>
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<img src="" />
<br />
<span class="attribution">Picture by: <a href="">Kevan Davis</a></span>
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<h2>"The Infantry"</h2>
<p>Our <strong>Infantry Kit</strong> is everything you'd need to hold a workshop on Seed Bombing! <br />Includes instructions, clay, seeds, compost! Just add water!</p>
<p>This kit is only available in the Vancouver area. Also check out our <a href="/workshops">workshops</a>!</p>
<p><a class="btn large primary" href="/order">Buy now! Only $79!</a></p>
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