A tiny Command Line Interface JavaScript Object Notation Remote Procedure Call client
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jr is a JSON-RPC command-line client written in Go. It is based on jsonrpcake, which was based on HTTPie. Usage of jr should be familiar to users of those programs.

jr does not support the @ syntax or colored output of the aforementioned programs. I'll add them if someone asks me to.

jr does support an alternative parameter syntax: if you pass a single value without a =, it will be sent without being enclosed in an object. Ideally, you would be able to send multiple values this way (as an array), but Go's jsonrpc package does not support this.


go get github.com/lukechampine/jr


# no hostname means localhost
$ jr :3000 hello
Hello, World!

# string parameter
$ jr :3000 hello name=Luke
Hello, Luke!

# bool parameter
$ jr :3000 hello name=Luke excited:=false
Hey, Luke.

# stdin is not processed; must be valid JSON
$ cat | jr :3000 hello
	"name": "Luke",
	"excited": false
Hey, Luke.