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walrus is a Sia wallet server. It presents a low-level, performant API that is suitable for private, professional, and commercial use. The server itself does not store seeds or private keys, and therefore cannot sign transactions; these responsibilities are handled by the client. Accordingly, walrus works well with Sia-compatible hardware wallets such as the Ledger Nano S.

API docs for the server are available here.

A client for walrus is available here. The client facilitates constructing, signing, and broadcasting transactions, and supports both hot wallets and hardware wallets.

Running a walrus server

If you plan to expose your walrus API to the public internet, it is highly recommended that you add HTTPS and HTTP Basic Authentication via a reverse proxy. Without these security measures, an attacker would still be unable to access your private keys, but they could potentially trick you into losing funds. Better safe than sorry.

In addition, if you want to access your wallet via a browser (such as Sia Central's Lite Wallet), you will need to enable CORS. Refer to the following documentation based on your reverse proxy: