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This branch is not yet stable, please see the v1 branch for the current stable codebase

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Have you ever spent longer deciding on a movie than it'd take to just watch a random movie? This is an app that helps you and your friends pick a movie to watch from a Plex server.

How it works

MovieMatch connects to your Plex server and gets a list of movies (from any libraries marked as a movie library).

As many people as you want connect to your MovieMatch server and get a list of shuffled movies. Swipe right to 👍, swipe left to 👎.

If two (or more) people swipe right on the same movie, it'll show up in everyone's matches. The movies that the most people swiped right on will show up first.

Getting started

docker run -it -e PLEX_URL=<Plex URL> -e PLEX_TOKEN=<Your Token> -p 8000:8000 --pull always lukechannings/moviematch:latest

Note: There is also documentation for docker-compose over here 👈


⚠️ If you're using MovieMatch v1 please refer to these options. ⚠️

The following variables are supported via a .env file or environment variables.

Name Description Required Default
HOST The host interface the server will listen on No
PORT The port the server will run on No 8000
PLEX_URL A URL for the Plex server, e.g. Yes null
PLEX_TOKEN An authorization token for access to the Plex API. How to find yours Yes null
AUTH_USER Basic Authentication User Name No null
AUTH_PASS Basic Authentication Password No null
REQUIRE_PLEX_LOGIN Require that all users log in with Plex as opposed to the anonymous login No Both Plex and Anonymous logins are permitted
ROOT_PATH The root path to use when loading resources. For example, if MovieMatch is on a sub-path, the ROOT_PATH should be set to that sub-path (without a trailing slash) No ''
LIBRARY_TITLE_FILTER A list of libraries to be included in the cards, comma-separated. e.g. Films, or Films,Television, or Films,Workout Videos No null
LIBRARY_TYPE_FILTER Only libraries of these types will be used No movie, (can be movie, artist, photo, or show). Multiple options must be comma-separated, e.g. movie,show
LINK_TYPE The method to use for opening match links No app (app or http)
LOG_LEVEL How much the server should log No INFO (supported options are DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, and CRITICAL)


Can a user get my Plex Token?

No. The client never talks directly to the Plex server and any requests that need the token (e.g. querying movies, getting poster art) are made by the server.

Only a subset of the Plex response is given to the client to minimise the chance of sensitive information leaking out. All server logs have both PLEX_URL and PLEX_TOKEN replaced with **** to prevent accidental disclosure.

Can it do TV shows too?

Yes, you can include a TV library in your LIBRARY_TITLE_FILTER list.

Do you gather any data?

No. The server is entirely local to you and will work offline.

Do you support languages other than English?

Yes. The server will use your browser's preferred language by default if it's supported. Otherwise it'll fall back to English.

The translations can be found in configs/localization.

The file names follow BCP47 naming. Feel free to submit a Pull Request if you'd like your language to be supported.

Can I run MovieMatch behind a reverse proxy?

Yes, you can read some documentation here

MovieMatch crashes on startup with an error!

dns error: failed to lookup address information: Name or service not known

This is an issue with your DNS configuration, try using an IP address for Plex instead of a domain name as a workaround. See #70 for more details.

tcp connect error: Connection refused

MovieMatch can't connect to Plex due to your network configuration, see #51 for ideas on how to debug.