Minimal theme for the rEFInd boot manager
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eveldee0680 and lukechilds Fix KDE Neon icon name (#22)
New icon name match etc/os-release file and is now correctly detected by rEFInd
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Ambience rEFInd Theme

Minimal theme for the rEFInd boot manager



  1. Locate your rEFInd installation folder

  2. Create a folder called themes inside it, if it doesn't already exist

  3. Clone this repo into the themes folder

  4. Add include themes/refind-ambience/theme.conf to refind.conf


Pull requests for more OS icons are welcome. Please make sure the image is a 256x256 solid white png at 75% transparency. To keep alignment consistent the actual icon should be roughly 132x132 in the middle of the png. Depending on the shape of the icon, the size and position may vary to get better results.


This theme was inspired by rEFInd-minimal by @EvanPurkhiser

I don't seem to be able to find an original source for the background image. If you created it, let me know, I'm happy to provide attribution or remove it if it's an issue.


MIT © Luke Childs