Upload and post photos to Instagram with Python
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Important: this library no longer works. The API calls we were using have been deprecated by Instagram. Sorry.


Upload and post photos to Instagram with Python!

This is inspired and roughly ported from the PHP implementation by Lance Newman.

Usage Example:

filepath = "/tmp/square.jpg"
print "Uploading " + filepath
insta = InstagramSession()
if insta.login(USERNAME, PASSWORD):
    media_id = insta.upload_photo("/tmp/small.jpg")
    print media_id
    if media_id is not None:
        insta.configure_photo(media_id, "")

Note that photos must be square to be uploaded. You can convert your photo using ImageMagick with this command:

convert -define jpeg:size=1280x1280 -resize 640x640^ \
    -extent 640x640 /tmp/original.jpg /tmp/square.jpg