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Hubot adapter for Telegram
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Hubot Telegram Adapter

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Hubot adapter for interfacting with the Telegram Bot API

Installation & Usage

First of read the docs on how to create a new Telegram Bot. Once you have a bot created, follow these steps:

  • npm install --save hubot-telegram
  • Set the environment variables specified in Configuration
  • Run hubot bin/hubot -a telegram


This adapter uses the following environment variables:


The token that the BotFather gives you


You can specify a webhook URL. The adapter will register TELEGRAM_WEBHOOK/TELEGRAM_TOKEN with Telegram and listen there.


You can specify the interval (in milliseconds) in which the adapter will poll Telegram for updates. This option only applies if you are not using a webhook.

Telegram Specific Functionality (ie. Stickers, Images)

If you want to create a script that relies on specific Telegram functionality that is not available to Hubot normall, you can do so by emitting the telegram:invoke event in your script:

module.exports = function (robot) {

    robot.hear(/send sticker/i, function (res) {


        robot.emit('telegram:invoke', 'sendSticker', { chat_id: xxx, sticker: 'sticker_id' }, function (error, response) {

Note: An example script of how to use this is located in the example/ folder

If you want to supplement your message delivery with extra features such as markdown syntax or keyboard replies, you can specify these settings on the res.envelope variable in your plugin.

robot.respond(/(.*)/i, function (res) {
    res.envelope.telegram = { reply_markup: { keyboard: [["test"]] }}

    res.reply("Select the option from the keyboard specified.");

Note: Markdown will automatically be parsed if the supported markdown characters are included. You can override this by specifying the parse_mode value in the envelope.telegram key.


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