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Commits on Jul 7, 2015
  1. @subbuss

    Fix #3104: Ensure that push/pops don't break returns

    subbuss committed
    * return instructions may sometime reference values that rely
      on the current scope/frame. However, AddCallProtocalInstructionsPass
      introduces pops of those before returns. To ensure that returns
      are no longer broken, that pass should copy the value into a
      temporary variable before popping the scope/frame.
    * Added a new regression spec that primes the JIT by running the
      function in a loop 100 times. This ensures that the spec doesn't
      artificially pass because of relying on the startup interpreter.
      Verified that the spec fails without the fixes in this patch.
Commits on Jul 6, 2015
  1. @headius

    Eliminate IRBindingEvalScript and its incorrect var-scoping.

    headius committed
    Fixes #3102 and possibly others.
  2. @eregon
  3. @headius
  4. @headius

    Do not persist filename in IR; require it when loading.

    headius committed
    Fixes #3109
    Because compiled scripts may be moved around or loaded from
    locations different than when they were compiled, we must pass
    filename into the decoding process to allow the script to reflect
    the new filename.
  5. @mkristian
  6. @mkristian

    Merge pull request #3073 from jruby/test-dir-globs-on-uri-classloader

    mkristian committed
    dir globs on uri classloader without the need of .jrubydir
  7. @chrisseaton
  8. @bbelleville @chrisseaton

    [Truffle] Function to initialize secureRandom

    bbelleville committed with chrisseaton
    This is to initialize ThreadContext.secureRandom. This change should not
    affect the behavior of this class, but facilitates ahead of time
  9. @bbelleville @chrisseaton
  10. @chrisseaton
  11. @headius


    headius committed
  12. @headius
  13. @headius

    Get AOT-compiled scripts loading properly again. Fixes #3018

    headius committed
    Note that there's still one missing piece, as detailed in #3109:
    we are not updating loaded scripts with their actual filename. The
    original filename they were compiled from is still there, which
    may cause problems with require_relative and friends.
  14. @headius
  15. @headius
  16. @headius

    Lazy handles no longer exist.

    headius committed
  17. @headius
  18. @mkristian
  19. @mkristian

    Merge branch 'jruby-1_7' into work

    mkristian committed
  20. @kares
  21. @kares
  22. @kares

    [ji] spec (working) map to_hash

    kares committed
  23. @kares

    [ji] spec array to_a conversion

    kares committed
  24. @kares

    cleanup java.util.Map spec

    kares committed
  25. @kares

    review MapJavaProxy internals

    kares committed
  26. @kares
  27. @kares

    make sure we do not overflow pow with (int) cast

    kares committed
    ... BigInteger#pow(int) throws an ArithmeticException
  28. @headius
Commits on Jul 5, 2015
  1. @headius
  2. @headius

    Add c-call, c-return tracing to handle-based methods.

    headius committed
    This mechanism is slightly heavier than the generated invokers
    mostly because it ends up checking whether there's events twice.
    However, this appears to be wrong logic; MRI reports the return
    of `set_trace_func` for example, and we don't. This commit also
    makes the following improvements:
    * Pass all args into the handle chain; this is
      necessary for tracing and helpful for reporting arity errors
      with the actually-invoked name.
    * Don't use an iterator when iterating over event hooks, to avoid
      allocation on that hot path. This should help all event hooks to
      be cheaper.
  3. @headius

    Patching handle invoker issues.

    headius committed
    * Provide name for arity error.
    * Properly set up parameter names.
  4. @headius
Commits on Jul 4, 2015
  1. @headius
  2. @mkristian
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