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Custom Schemas in Ladle

If you need to use LDAP classes other the standard ones, you'll need to define and include a custom schema. There are three steps in this process:

Create or obtain the schema in openldap format

All the details are there in the step name.

Generate the java representation of the schema

The embedded LDAP server in ladle is ApacheDS 1.0.2. That project provides documentation of how to build custom schemas; look at the section titled "Creating a Maven module for your custom schema." As you might guess from the title, you'll need maven 2 to do this.

The process has one snag -- after you generate the schema using, you'll need to modify the generated pom.xml. Under the this code:


Add the line:


Then continue with the directions.

Configure ladle to use the custom schema

At the end of the java schema generation step, you'll have a jar file under target containing several classes representing the the schema. Put that jar somewhere in your project, then configure the {Ladle::Server} instance to point to it:
  :additional_classpath => %w(path/to/sample-schema-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar),
  :custom_schemas => %w(com.example.schema.TestSchema),
  :ldif => "path/to/schema-using.ldif",
  :domain => "dc=example,dc=com"

The custom schema classname is derived from the first argument you passed to and the name of your schema file. In the example above, it's as if you ran com.example.schema sample-schema

And then named the schema file test.schema.