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This will (not might, will) delete all your data, so maybe it's a good
idea to have a backup.

The following is the bare minimum to run the System Menu and homebrew
(maybe EULA isn't absolutely required).  Use NUS Downloader to grab
the following and pack them as WADs, and copy the result to the 'wad'

Title ID            Version
0000000100000002    257/258/256       (System Menu 3.1U/E/J)
0000000100000011    512               (IOS17, for rgsel)
000000010000001e    1040              (IOS30, for menu)
000000010000001f    1037              (IOS31, for EULA)
0001000848414b45    2                 (EULA)
0001000848414c45    1                 (rgnsel)
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