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Helpful TPM2 Simulator Development Enviroment
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Ansible TPM Simulator

This ansible role deploys CentOS 7.5 and builds / installs TPM2 software listed below, alongside IBM's Software TPM 2.0 developed by Ken Goldman.

The idea is that this will allow developers to quickly bring up a virtual environment to learn the TPM2 tool set and start to develop their own TPM applications.

Vagrant file currently works with libvirt and VirtualBox as providers.

Tools Included

  • tpm2_tools
  • tpm2-abrmd
  • tpm2-tss

Other supporting software

  • tboot
  • openssl-devel

rng-tools randomness

When using libvirt as a provider, a virtio feed is made from the hosts /dev/urandom to the guest, in order to help with entropy needs.


Clone the repository and then simply run vargant up --provider <provider>.

For example, using libvirt:

vagrant up --provider libvirt

For example, using VirtualBox:

vagrant up --provider virtualbox

Once the VM is started, vagrant ssh into the VM and run sudo su - to become root.

You can then start the TPM simulator as follows:

[root@tpm2-simulator ~]# tpm_server
TPM command server listening on port 2321
Platform server listening on port 2322
  • Tip: use tpm_server -c to clear ownership.

You can enable / start the resource manager as a systemd service as follows:

[root@tpm2-simulator src]# systemctl enable tpm2-abrmd

[root@tpm2-simulator src]# systemctl start tpm2-abrmd

TPM2 Software Branches

You can set branch names that will be used for building using the following vars set within roles/tpm2-simulator/vars/main.yml

tpm2_tss_version: 2.1.0
tpm2_abrmd_version: 2.0.2
tpm2_tools_version: v1.1.0

Configure Arguments

Configure arguments can be set within roles/tpm2-simulator/vars/main.yml, for example:

tpm2_tss_configure_args: "./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-debug --with-crypto=ossl --disable-doxygen-doc"
tpm2_abrmd_configure_args: "TSS2_SYS_CFLAGS=' ' TSS2_SYS_LIBS='-ltss2-sys -L/usr/lib/' ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-dbuspolicydir=/etc/dbus-1/system.d"
tpm2_tools_configure_args: "SAPI_CFLAGS=' ' SAPI_LIBS='-ltss2-sys -L/usr/lib/' ./configure --prefix=/usr"

Basic Commands

For full list of commands, consult the tpm2-tools documentation or consult the man pages for each command, here are some examples though to get you started.

Take ownership

To take ownership of the (software) TPM:

tpm2_takeownership -o ownerpass -e endorsepass -l lockpass

This will set passwords for the owner, endorsement and lockout.

List Current PCR Values


Error Codes

Error codes can be viewed with tpm2_rc_decode, for example:

$ tpm2_rc_decode 0x921
error layer
  hex: 0x0
  identifier: TSS2_TPM_ERROR_LEVEL
  description: Error produced by the TPM
format 0 warning code
  hex: 0x21
  description: authorizations for objects subject to DA protection are not allowed at this time because the TPM is in DA lockout mode


Apache 2.0


Please do! Pull requests are welcome.

Author Information

Luke Hinds (

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