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No longer maintained. Will not be upgraded for Craft 3.

Craft 3 alternatives include:

Geo Plugin for Craft CMS

A simple plugin to get information about your users location.

Put the geo folder in your craft plugins folder.

 # The following will cache the users location from their IP, so subsequent
 # api calls are not made, but just looked up in the cache:
{% set data = %}

{# which is the same as: #}
{% set data = %}

{# An Api call is made on every page view: #}
{% set data = %}

{# You can then access the data like this: #}
{{ data.country_code }}

Variables available in craft twig templates:

location: {{ }}
ip: {{ }}
country_code: {{ }}
country_name: {{ }}
region_code: {{ }}
region_name: {{ }}
city: {{ }}
zipcode: {{ }}
latitude: {{ }}
longitude: {{ }}
metro_code: {{ }}
areacode: {{ }}
cached: {{ }}

You are limited to 10,000 requests an hour for this plugin. It caches a single IP address for 12 hours by default. You can config this with a config file as explained below.

If you are in Crafts devMode or visiting the site from the server itself then a default IP adress will be used. This setting is configurable by creating a geo.php file in your craft/config folder. An example of this file is found in the geo-examples folder.


  • Add additional API endpoints for API redundancy.
  • Modularize enpoints so you can add your own endpoint plugins.



Pull requests welcome.

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